If you want to enthuse people you must be enthusiastic yourself.  CBC Hamburg, founded in 2002, is an owner-run advertising agency comprising a small team and a perfectly organised network of specialists.
We are small enough to be flexible yet large enough to tackle complex projects – with commitment and
clear responsibilities laid out.

Integrated marketing is our business – the b-to-b field our strength – and the food industry our passion.

And we are ideally qualified for these things since we know the demands of the market, we are familiar
with the instruments involved, and we have the best possible contacts in the relevant areas of the press.
We plan complex marketing strategies, search for new avenues, and exploit all channels of communication.
If you allow us then we will not restrict ourselves to print alone, we will go online as well as offline, while always keeping an eye on your budget. We develop our custom solutions for your product with creativity, far-sightedness, and plenty of fun thrown in for good measure.